About Shannon

Age: 24
Measurements: 32″ C, 24, 33
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg

With the sweetest, most beautiful doll-face, pretty eyes and flawless complexion, the gentleman who enjoys spending time with natural beauties may find it difficult not to fall in love with this little angelic elite Tokyo escort (French heritage). Extremely feminine and elegant, yet independent, Tokyo escorts Shannon possesses the ability to be the girlish type, or quite a sophisticated and refined conversationalist.

It’s fascinating to watch her switch between the two, and leads one to wonder – how many other facets does that personality have?

That’s part of the fun of getting to know someone isn’t it? Tokyo escort Shannon’s erudition is coupled with a really sweet and caring nature. She’s a lot of fun to hang out with. Besides her bewitching beauty, she’s really enjoyable, elite company, and rather an enthusiastic, energetic little darling.

Warm, smart, forward-thinking and innovative, a meeting of the minds can be ‘just what the doctor ordered’ with Japanese escorts Shannon. She’s entirely gracious and polite and tends to get along with almost everyone as a result. Reservation