About Misaki

Age: 23
Measurements: 34″ D, 25, 35
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 51kg

Tokyo escort Misaki is a sweet, natural, fresh beauty. Intelligent and slim, she takes great care of herself and has an interesting outlook on life. Warm and friendly, she’s a successful model and businesswoman, who likes financial freedom so she can follow her dreams. Caring and genuine, she’s a delightful companion for travel or for dinner.

Her long-tousled hair and long legs make her a vision, especially at the beach! A free spirit in many respects, Tokyo escorts Misaki enjoyed a wonderfully idyllic upbringing and is a well-rounded, wonderful young lady. Well-spoken and refined, despite her relaxed demeanour, expect a very enjoyable time with this adventurous young beauty.

As American as apple pie, Tokyo escorts Misaki was born in Japan and raised in USA. She spent her Summers riding on her parent’s ranch and was well educated. With a close family and lots of fun childhood adventures, she is a level-headed yet confident young woman with an independent soul. Loyal, authentic and caring, Japanese escorts Misaki radiates a relaxed nobility with common sense thrown in! For reservation https://www.viptokyoproject.com/

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