About Mia

Age: 21
Measurements: 34D, 25, 35
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 55 kg

Beautiful, fresh Tokyo escorts Mia is a sweet, calm, alluring natural beauty, with long legs and soulful eyes. Her refined, respectful manner has opened many doors for her in the modelling world. Glowing with health and vitality, her natural beauty is seductive indeed. Always positive, yet sensitive to others’ emotions, escort Tokyo Mia’s caring manner and attention makes people feel special. Extremely feminine yet capable, her non-judgmental nature puts others at ease.

Tolerant, seeking adventure and achievement, Mia is someone who knows how to circumvent a challenge. Dedicated and passionate, there’s not much in life that this beauty can’t overcome with her intense eyes and sturdy heart.

Born in Japan, educated throughout Europe, Living in Tokyo. Mia was encouraged from a young age to be ambitious and to believe in herself. With a close family and lots of support in her goals, she is confident in achieving her dreams. Educated in exclusive establishments throughout Europe, Mia was provided with every opportunity for success, and continues forging ahead. With deep gratitude for her family’s support, she likes to make her own way financially; her independence is important to her. Her kindness and friendliness come from her upbringing within such a warm family environment. For bookings https://www.viptokyoproject.com/

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