About Kasumi

Age: 23
Measurements: 34″ C, 24, 34
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 50 kg

She was however raised with the exemplary Japanese manners and is beautifully poised. Tokyo escorts Kasumi respects honesty and authenticity and will always cherish those who can be vulnerable with her. While she deeply appreciates luxury, she can also appreciate a more casual environment like a cookout or picnic.

While her career demands effervescence and confidence, Tokyo escort Kasumi’s true nature in her own time is poised, engaging and calm. She is extremely caring and interested in people. Her almost innocent wonder at the exciting opportunities in the world is quite cute, given her sophisticated image.  Genuine and surprisingly down to earth, Japanese escorts Kasumi is certainly a luxury girl. However, in the right company, she can be quite at home in a more casual, comfortable environment.

Obviously, she looks stunning in any presentation, and her unpretentious nature is a breath of fresh air. Holding honesty and authenticity as priorities in her life, this sweet Lovely is wonderful company. Whether at dinner, on your yacht, at a romantic picnic, or attending a VIP event, escorts Tokyo Kasumi will suit the occasion perfectly. She’s captivating, with an ever-present smile.

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Japan escort