About Hitomi

Age: 25
Measurements: 34″ C, 25, 35
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50kg

A warm, thoughtful and curious young lady of Japanese heritage, Brunette beauty Tokyo escorts Hitomi enjoys new experiences and getting to know people. She’s passionate and engaging; Sharing stories and absorbing others’ energies is one of her favourites ways to spend an evening. You can always find her at a dinner party, her bright deep eyes sparkling as she leans in to hear an anecdote. Her ever-present smile and kind, loving heart make her a highly sought-after confidant among her social circle.

Multi-lingual, reliable and easy-going, Tokyo escort Hitomi’s love of travel makes her a perfect international travel companion. Currently pursuing academic achievements, she is active, creative and wonderful, warm company. Her petite frame adds a very cute appeal to her presence. Add in her cheeky grin, dimples and genuine, feminine nature, and you have an ideal beauty as your dinner date.

Born and raised in Japan, this stunning, fresh and natural young lady have travelled extensively and is now based in Tokyo. Tokyo escorts Hitomi’s family was close and well educated, giving her a step up in terms of social position. She enjoyed plenty of travel and absorbed a lot of knowledge about life along the way. Her background has contributed to her light positive nature, and her lovely sense of humours. Her energy is fresh and warm. She enjoys luxury but is extremely authentic, well rounded and truly delightful company. For Bookings https://www.viptokyoproject.com/

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Japanese escorts