About Charlotte

Age: 23
Measurements: 34″ C, 24, 36
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 56 kg

Accomplished and beautiful commercial model, Tokyo escorts Charlotte is a most delightful European elite escort. With her fresh blonde, blue-eyed beauty, and her slender, leggy physique, this absolutely lovely young lady has an even more beautiful soul than her striking exterior. Having achieved a solid education and with a warm, loving heart, time spent with VIP companion Tokyo escort Charlotte is rarely forgotten. People are captivated by her beautiful personality.

As an animal lover, Japanese escorts Charlotte sees her own pure soul mirrored in those who share her affection for all living things. She is a natural blonde, with a perfectly peaches-and-cream fair complexion. Apart from her array of print, advertising and fashion modelling, she has also been a brand ambassador. She’s multi-lingual, and a very authentic & loving elite GFE escort. Completely irresistible.

Born and raised in Frankfurt Germany, escort Charlotte has German heritage. She now travels the world for her modelling pursuits. She enjoyed a very privileged upbringing, however before you write her off as a spoiled Daddy’s girl, understand that her childhood was not without its usual difficulties. We believe that one can hardly understand another’s pain until one has felt pain oneself. Escorts Tokyo Charlotte has experienced enough to have developed a deep compassion for humanity. There is nobody more compassionate, sympathetic and pampering to the wounded soul.

VIP Tokyo Project
VIP Tokyo Project